Online Waivers Now Avaiable

Raahauge's is transitioning from paper to electronic waivers.  Please create an account to sign your waiver for yourself and any children 17yrs or younger before the next time you come to the range.  Once you complete your online waiver it will be good for 36 months.  There is no need to fill out any waiver/rules when coming to the range while we are phasing out paper waiver/rules.


Clik Here:

  1. Create an account
  2. Fill out all required information
  3. Click Add
    (No Children to add skip to #4)

    1. Click Add a Person Now
    2. Click Add
    3. Fill out information Completely
  4. Click Waiver Tab
    1. Click SIGN
    2. Choose who will be on the waiver
    3. Click Next
  5. Read Waiver
    1. Click box at bottom of waiver that you have read and agree
    2. Click here to sign
    3. Sign your waiver with your finger or mouse
    4. Click Accept
  6. Bring your I.D. and let us know you have signed your waiver online.  Once validated your waiver will be good for 36 months.

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