Pistol & Rifle Range Fees

$32 per person, $12 for 17-and-under or Active Duty Military with valid identification.
The fee is for two hours, per bay. If no one is waiting in line, you may stay longer
Eye and Hearing protection are mandatory.
Only California legal guns allowed.
We do not take reservations - all on a first come, first-served basis

Yearly Pistol Membership is $550 for Individual or Family, with Family being Parents and Children 17-and-under. Good on Weekdays Only. If the Rifle Range is available, you are more than welcome to use it at no additional charge. Guest fee is $32 a person.


100 Yard Rifle Site-In Area

8 shooting slots available
Tables and Benches Available
Good to site in only at 100 yards
Only California legal guns are allowed

21 Private Pistol Bays

The private bays are built up with dirt and wood. Your group will be assigned to a bay by the range master for your two hours.
Pistols, Rifles, and Shotguns can all be shot in these bays.
Only California legal guns are allowed


We have designed a wooden tree stand that holds a large cardboard silhouette target which we sell for $5. We also sell a variety of other targets which work perfectly on the range.
We also sell smaller targets and Shoot-N-C targets.
You can bring your own targets, but it is up to the discretion of the range master whether they can be used.
No Exploding Targets!*



You are allowed to bring your own ammunition or we sell a variety of ammo for your convenience.
No steel tip ammo allowed anywhere on the range.
No steel core ammo allowed at the gallery or while shooting at steel targets.


Gun Rentals

We rent handguns and rifles
Handguns include: Glock 9 mm, 40 and 45 caliber.
Rifles include: a Colt M-4 Carbine and 22 rifles for adult and youth
Rental fee is $10 per gun
Club ammo must be purchased to shoot in all rental guns.

Come Rent this Colt M4 Carbine Rifle

Just $10 to rent. Just pay your $32 range fee
and buy the ammo here! Current price is $17 for 20 shots or $40 for 50 shots